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#VIDEO: Complaining vs. Commitment in Leadership

A deeper look at Complaining vs. Commitment in leadership Peter Wrench asks, “Can you unpack that?” Special shout out to Chris Smith with The Campfire Effect for his contribution here. #leadership #businessowners #profitmaximization

#VIDEO: Facing our fears in business - My story of facing bankruptcy in my 20's

#Leadership is developed through trials. Testing. There is nothing like a big challenge to squeeze us to see what choices we will make. Will we give up or press through? Tough times create muscle memory for the future. What muscles are you building? How might you create from a place of certainty and possibility? Not disbelief. #leadership #business #businessowner #profitmaximization Shannon Roxy Smith

#VIDEO: Powerful Leadership - The gift of listening

Count the costs. Not being able to relate to others creates huge issues in running a business, inspiring teams, or loving our families well. How can you apply this to create more workability, fun, & results in every area of your life? #leadership #business #ceo #profitmaximization #businessowner

Multiply Your Profitability with The Private Equity Perspective™

Have you ever wondered how a professional business buyer would look at your business? Even if your intention is to keep and grow your business, it is a profitable process to consider this point of view. What would they like about it? What would they not like about it? What would they see as a deal killer? But most importantly, WHY would they or why would they not buy your business? Read on and discover some of the most powerful techniques to increase the profitability of your

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