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Meet Dan


Dan Smith is a business owner, private equity investor, and business advisor to high growth companies.  He has participated in capital raises into the hundreds of millions.  At The Profitable Leader™, he has assisted select companies create hundreds of millions of dollars in increased income and business valuations.


Dan created The Profitable Leader™ to share business-shifting insights and distinctions accumulated over his career in business development and investing.  He has worked with some of the top leaders and advisors in the business.  His combined methodologies, techniques and insights enable committed business leaders to radically increase their bottom line, a term we call “blowing up the bottom line.”





  • Retired at age 31

  • Played key role in 140X growth of public company and $41 billion sale to ExxonMobil

  • Served as CEO of a public company based out of NYC

  • Served as Private Equity Advisor on Wall Street

  • Negotiated nine-figure international transactions

  • Worked with heads of nationally-owned companies

  • Business partners with wife, Shannon, in multiple companies for over 30 years – and are still best friends (our favorite achievement)

  • “Deep” work around the world with leaders in psychology and performance

  • Started first business at 12 years old

  • Dad to four incredible kids:  Samuel, Joshua, Rachel, & Abigail

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