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Celebrating wins by extraordinary

men and women



"Working with Dan has been one of the most powerful, impactful, and meaningful experiences of my life."  - EDJ



"Within a few months of launching the dashboard and revised systems, the business had its first $500,000 gross revenue month.  The business has sustained and is growing from the new level." - GS



"I know with every fiber of my being that I will grow my business into a robust and thriving venture that will deeply impact the lives of everyone I touch. It’s an honor to have walked this last year with Dan’s support. My life will never be the same."   -EA



"Today I am happier than I have ever been. I see possibility in places I never would have imagined. Through the tools I learned from Dan, I have created an entirely new way of being that I will draw on for the rest of my life. I no longer have the ability to create from a place of fear and stress."  - AD



"Dan Patrick is the best I have seen when it comes to leadership."  - AS



"The value of working with Dan Smith was immediate trust and his ability to listen, understand, and deliver insights provided a solid base for us to prepare... he helped us to successfully navigate an extremely difficult and sensitive situation. We worked through the challenges and after six months we enjoyed a positive and profitable outcome with key relationships intact."  -DB



"The majority of the shift that I noticed in learning more from Dan was in the realm of increasing my on influence as a leader. Their tools helped me have greater clarity on my true identity as a leader, allowed me to better see my potential & helped me alleviate fears." -JDT



"The work we did together set me on a path of continuous growth to create boundaries for myself, hold other people accountable, address conflict/tension head-on, honor and value the different talents of our team and dig deep to

define my role. I have the vision and confidence to lead us in critical team changes. I named and confronted the lack of success and transparency in many of our team members."  - JJ



"I am no longer fixated on my need to be liked. I am committed to creating a powerful team and building a successful company. I want to have amazing, powerful relationships with everyone, but they don't need to like me for me to be okay." - PTJ



"My work with Dan was nothing short of an awakening and transformation of my life."  -SJ



"I had strong visions for how to create a powerful business, but I was too afraid to have the hard conversations and ultimately, I didn't know how to create it. Since my work with Dan, I have been on a journey to understand my strengths and operate within them. Once I was able to do this for myself, I was also able to lead others around me to do the same. This transformed the workplace. I have radically transformed our team and we are operating with powerful growth and success. The most exciting thing for me is the new dynamic in all my co-working relationships where we are powerful co-creators honoring our differences and strengths. Work is fun."  -BK



"Working with Dan has helped me to get past my fear and take the leap of faith into being an entrepreneur in the fragrance industry.  Dan had made it clear that there would come a time when I would have to ‘Burn my ships at the shore’ and pursue this venture with clear intentions from a place of power and there would be no going back. So, with that, I’ve launched my company and have committed to making it successful no matter what it takes. And when I experience fearful thoughts I recognize them for what they are and I don’t let them control who I’m being or let then affect the outcomes that I am wanting to generate."  - RH



"It was one of the most interesting days of my professional career... thank you Dan Patrick."  -MR

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