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Advising ambitious Business Owners
with professional investor strategies in three things:

1. Increase EBITDA 2x+ and free up two days per week for you

2. Build an exitable business that ultimately works without you

3. Experience the benefits you envisioned when you started your business


The Private Equity Perspective™

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Three questions that are proven to discover and stop profit leaks in all businesses

"I don't have time to grow..."  We get it.
“In addition to a 9x increase in net profit, I can finally enjoy my business. I am actually motivated to grow again.  I can take time off and can anticipate because I know that my team will handle what they have agreed to do without my involvement.”  - GS 

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Dan's Forbes & LinkedIn publications are unique, progressive, and relevant to business owners that want to increase time and multiply bottom line profits while reducing unwanted surprises.


Here are a few articles/videos below... read more on his blog.

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