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with Dan Patrick Smith

Get your free copy of the Private Equity Perspective™

Get the 3 questions that are proven to discover and stop profit leaks in all businesses.


► Are you a profitable leader?

Very few owners are experiencing true freedom from optimizing their business leadership, teams, & systems. I've walked through the ups and the downs in my own career and now with the business owners I serve. There are amazing seasons when things just work and tougher seasons that feel incredibly hard.

► Are you leaking profits? 

When I worked on Wall Street in the private equity space, I was looking for one thing: money left on the table. As I evaluated a specific deal, I would ask, "Are there hidden profits in the business for us to leverage due to an unprofitable leader?" Yes, it all comes back to leadership.

► What is this season like for you as a business owner? 

Where are you right now? Are you enjoying all of your hard work, or are you frustrated? Are you running your business, or is it running you?

Power shows up in discovery. Will you consider these questions with curiosity?

► Powerful Discovery Questions

1- Are my profits optimized? 
2- Is there unnecessary friction in my business?
3- Are my employees/teams dependable A players?
4- Do I feel in control over my time unapologetically?
5- Am I experiencing overall freedom with peace of mind?

Want some good news? Your powerful leadership can shift everything quickly without adding more money to the business. Your influence impacts performance. 

Our passion is putting the fulfillment and profits back into business ownership. I believe you can have both.


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